Electric Vehicles

A transformation in the automotive industry is occurring. While many alternative fueled vehicles have been proposed for years, the electric vehicle (EV) is emerging as the preferred technology. Battery technology has been at the forefront of this transformation. As the cost and weight of an EV battery is reduced, the price of an EV is edging closer to the price of an internal combustion engine (ICE – gasoline and diesel) vehicle. Even though currently the number of EVs on the road is relatively small, the market is significantly growing. Governments have or are beginning to make projected bans on new ICE vehicle sales in the near future. This movement, plus the increase in carbon emissions into the environment, is accelerating the adoption of EVs.


Vintage Electric Cars
(The Henry Ford)


Electrovair II


Lunar Roving Vehicle
(NASA Glenn Research Center)


Retro Review: 1997 GM EV1


Nissan LEAF


Bolt EV


2018 Tesla Model 3


How Does an EV Work
(Kia UK)


(Toyota Canada)


Tire Knowledge – Tires for Electric Cars


MG ZS EV Battery Production
(MG Motor Australia)


100 kWh LION LIGHT Battery Pack
(LION Smart)


Lithium-ion Batteries: How Do They Work?


Bosch Battery in the Cloud
(Bosch Mobility Solutions)


Bosch eAxle
(Bosch Mobility Solutions)


Bosch Power Electronics
(Bosch Mobility Solutions)


Electric Vehicle On-board Charger Walkthrough

Rubber Glove Inspection
(Northwest Lineman College)


Electric Car Safety Rules


Five Steps for Powering Down a Hybrid/EV
(Delphi Technologies)


What are Insulated Hand Tools?
(Fluke Corporation)


Fluke 1000 Volt Insulated Hand Tools
(Fluke Corporation)


What are CAT ratings and why do they matter?
(Fluke Corporation)


Lithium-Ion Battery Fires in EVs
(National Transportation Safety Board)


Understanding How Lithium-Ion Batteries Fail


Stranded Energy in EVs
(National Fire Protection Association)


Bridgehill Fire Blanket
(Centro Zaragoza)


NFPA’s Safety Information for EV Fires
(National Fire Protection Association)


Kia Niro EV: Connecting & Disconnecting
(Kia Features and Functions Videos)


Intelligent Software – Vehicle to Grid
(The Mobility House)


F-150 Lightning: Intelligent Backup Power
(Ford Motor Company)

Wireless Charging for EVs


PlugShare: EV Charging Map


Electrify America’s App
(Electrify America)


Blink Charging Mobile App
(Blink Charging)



ChargePoint Home Flex


EV Chargers
(This Old House)


One Pedal Drive


One Pedal Driving
(Engineering Explained)


Range Anxiety


(Ford Motor Company)


Super Cruise
(General Motors)


ProPilot Assist
(Nissan Owner Channel)




Highway Driving Assist
(Kia Worldwide)


Waymo Driver




Software Developer


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