Chapter 9 - Videos

Electrical System

The automotive electrical system consists of wires, lights, motors, circuits, fuses, relays, and switches. Even though the electrical system is extremely complex, there are still many repairs that you can do without taking your vehicle to a service facility. A simple thing like a headlight burning out can stop you from driving safely down the road.

Electricity and Circuits

Bosch Start/Stop for Automatic Vehicles
(Bosch Mobility Solutions)

CNET On Cars – Car Tech 101: The move to higher-voltage electrical systems


GATES: Diagnosing Belt Noise – The Spray Bottle Test
(Gates Auto Aftermarket)

How To Replace Your Starter – AutoZone Car Care

How to Clean a Car Battery
(Auto Upkeep)

How to Repalce an Alternator
(Advance Auto Parts)

Removing and Installing a Passenger Car Battery
(Bosch Auto Parts)

GATES: Stretch Fit Belt Installation
(Gates North America)


Installation of the Dayco ela Stretch Belt Using a Zip Tie
(Dayco Official)


Car Parts Basics: The Serpentine Belt


Measuring Belt Wear
(Dayco Official)


Choosing the Right Headlight Bulb

Lead Battery Recycling Process
(Battery Council International)

Battery Chargers For All Needs
(Advanced Auto Parts)

How To Perform a Parasitic Draw Test

Testing Starter Circuit Voltage Drop (Ground side)
(Motor Age)

3 Ways Of Finding The Cause Of Key-Off Battery Drain (Parasitic Draw)
(Motor Age)

Starter Circuit Voltage Drop
(TCAT Autotech)

AGM and Flooded Batteries
(Delphi Technologies)

Testing and Charging Batteries
(Delphi Technologies)

Car Parts Basics: The Alternator



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