Chapter 7 - Videos

Auto Care and Cleaning

Some people say that when their vehicle is clean it actually runs better. With today’s fast paced society, many people take their vehicle to a detail center or a car wash instead of doing the work themselves. If you do, look for facilities that recycle and filter their waste water. Detailing a car personally, however, can be very rewarding and can save money. The appearance of a vehicle does not actually change its performance, but it does improve its longevity. A vehicle that is kept clean inside and out will surely render a better value at trade-in time. Always conserve water by using a spray nozzle to control the flow and use cleaning products that are environmentally safe.

Dupli-Color Perfect Match Demo

How to Wash Your Car

How to Wax by Hand
(Mothers Polish)


Rust Repair
(Haynes Manuals)

Paintless Dent Removal for Beginners

Paintless Dent Removal

Headlight Lens Restoration
(3M Collision Repair)

Headlight Lens Restoration
(Turtle Wax)

How to Clay
(Advance Auto Parts)

Collision Repair Technician

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