Chapter 20 - Videos

Common Problems and Roadside Emergencies

You can often see, hear, smell, or feel a problem arising before it leaves you stranded on the side of the road. Sometimes the solution is so simple it is often overlooked. Being familiar with the various systems that keep a vehicle operating properly will better prepare you to diagnose problems. Use your senses and pay attention to your vehicle.

Battery Basics: How does a jump start really work?
(Bosch Mobility Solutions)

How to Replace Headlight Bulbs
(Car and Driver Magazine)

What to do if your car catches fire?

PEAK How To Change Wiper Blades
(PEAK Auto)

Ch 20 – Winterize your ride: Tips on getting your car winter ready
(CTV News)

What to do after a car accident

Dayco – Guide to Serpentine Belt Installation
(Dayco Official)


How to Jump-Start a Car Battery

Bosch Envision Product Video (2D)
(Bosch Auto Parts)

Winter Driving Inspection
(Car Care Council)

BlueDriver OBD II


Vibrations – Balancing

Camber Pull

Caster Pull


3M Windshield Repair Kit
(JEGS Performance)

Michelin Snow Socks and Chains

Installing Tire Chains

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