Chapter 17 - Videos

Exhaust and Emission System

Exhaust and emission systems on newer vehicles have become more complex than in the past. The emission system is used to monitor air-fuel ratios and has many benefits to the operator and the environment. For many years, automotive manufacturers were just concerned about getting the hot and toxic exhaust gases out to the side or rear of the vehicle. Today exhaust and emission systems are complex mechanisms that provide safety, efficiency, and concern for our fragile environment. Periodically, exhaust and emission system components need replacing.

Exhaust Systems – Explained
(Engineering Explained)

How exhaust systems work

Replacing an Oxygen Sensor on Your Car
(Bosch Auto Parts)

Four-Way Conversion Catalyst


Three-Way Catalytic Converter


Clearing California Skies
(California Air Resources Board)

How Mufflers Work
(Summit Racing)


Exhaust Resonator
(Pep Boys Auto)


Emissions – Gas vs. Electric Cars
(Union of Concerned Scientists)

How EGR Works


How to Replace a PCV Valve
(O’Reilly Auto Parts)

Selective Catalytic Reduction

How to Refill DEF

EPA – Ozone Standards

Air We Breathe

Environmental Science and Protection Technician

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