Chapter 16 - Videos


The engine can provide all the power in the world, but if it isn’t transferred to the wheels the vehicle will not move. Automobiles need to perform equally well under a variety of loads. The transfer of power needs to accommodate the conditions on the highway, the weight of the vehicle and its passengers, and the performance desired to accelerate. Today’s automobile buyers can choose between rear-wheel, front-wheel, four-wheel, or all-wheel drivetrains.

Automatic transmission servicing

Subaru Symmetrical AWD Test
(Subaru of Puyallup)


Bosch Continuously Variable Transmission
(Bosch Mobility Solutions)

How Clutches Work

How powertrain and transmission systems work

New Generation CVT
(Nissan Newsroom)

Dynamic Torque Vectoring

Electronic Limited Slip Differential Technology​
(Dana Inc.)

How a Torque Converter Works
(Holley Performance)

8 Speed Automatic Transmission
(Toyota Canada)

How to Change Transmission Fluid

Transmission Technologies

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