Chapter 15 - Videos

Braking System

The braking system is designed to help the driver control the deceleration of the vehicle. While the suspension and steering systems control the ride and directional movements, the braking system is designed to slow or stop the vehicle. The braking system is crucial to the safe operation of the vehicle.

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Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
(Mazda Australia)

Bosch Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
(Bosch Mobility Solutions)

Bosch Disc Brake Installation
(Bosch Auto Parts)

Bosch Drum Brake Installation
(Bosch Auto Parts)

Bosch ESP® ‒ How does ESP® work?
(Bosch Mobility Solutions)

Bosch Regenerative Braking
(Bosch Mobility Solutions)

CNET On Cars – Smarter Driver: Will automatic emergency braking go mainstream?

How car brakes work

How to Check Brake Fluid
(Advance Auto Parts)

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