Chapter 12 - Videos

Cooling System and Climate Control

Thousands of automobiles are stranded on the side of the road each year due to cooling system problems. Precautions can be taken to avoid this, including paying attention to the temperature gauge. Engine coolant carries away excess heat from the engine. Too much heat can destroy an engine, while an engine that is not at the proper operating temperature will run inefficiently.

How to Check and Test Your Coolant/Antifreeze

Bosch Cabin Filter
(Bosch Auto Parts)

Cabin Air Filter

Check Your Coolant

Checking & replacing hoses

Cooling System Maintenance 101

Cooling system repair

How a Cooling System Works
(Advance Auto Parts)

How automotive HVAC systems work

Intercooler – Explained
(Engineering Explained)

Active Warm-Up Unit
(Spicer Parts)

MAP Controlled Thermostat (No Sound)

Conventional Thermostat (No Sound)

How to Choose an Electric Radiator Fan

How to Replace Radiator Hoses
(O’Reilly Auto Parts)

How to Check, Flush, and Fill Coolant
(O’Reilly Auto Parts)

Coolant Pump Technology

Serpentine Belt Diagnosis
(O’Reilly Auto Parts)

Gaskets Overview
(Fel-Pro Gaskets)

How Air Conditioning Works
(AC Avalanche)

EV Thermal Management
(Bosch Mobility Solutions)

Charge Air Intercooler System
(Dana Incorporated)

Original Equipment Technology Coolant
(Peak Auto)

Testing Antifreeze/Coolant
(Advance Auto Parts)

Flush and Fill

Cooling System Flush and Fill

HVAC Technician

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