Chapter 11 - Videos

Fuel System

Most automobiles in production today depend on either gasoline or diesel. Many problems arise from using gasoline and diesel. Once these fuels are burned, they are gone forever. That is the reality of today’s fossil fuel-driven society. Driving habits, maintenance procedures, and technological advancements can improve the efficiency of vehicles.

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Bosch Cylinder Deactivation – Continuous Power, less fuel consumption
(Bosch Mobility Solutions)

Bosch gasoline direct injection
(Bosch Mobility Solutions)

Car Tech 101: Understanding engine configurations

Car Tech 101: Octane demystified

Fuel Saving Tips

Turbochargers vs Superchargers – Which Is Better?
(Engineering Explained)

Air Filters

How to Check and Change Your Air Filter

Octane Rating – Explained
(Engineering Explained)

Removing and Installing a Fuel Pump on Your Car
(Bosch Auto Parts)

What Is Cetane and How Does it Impact Combustion
(Opti-Lube Diesel Fuel Additives)

Removing and Installing a High Pressure Pump
(Bosch Auto Parts)

Electronic Throttle Control
(Toyota USA)

These videos are embedded from YouTube and have been organized to support content learned in the Auto Upkeep curriculum. Even though the videos have been screened, due to the nature of the Internet students may navigate from the intended video to unanticipated content. It is also possible that the video maker may edit the video that is embedded. If this site is used in an educational institution it is recommended that the instructor review the videos before sending students to them.

If you would like to view additional videos from the video maker, the video’s YouTube Channel link is in parentheses ( ) after the title. and do not endorse any YouTube Channel listed. The videos were embedded to help you understand basic car care, maintenance, repair, and how cars work.

If you find additional YouTube videos that you believe would support the content in the Auto Upkeep curriculum, please email us the YouTube link.