Chapter 10 - Videos

Lubrication System

The engine is the heart of a vehicle with hundreds of moving parts that must be lubricated. While the engine burns fuel, it also takes in outside air. Road dust and dirt are brought in with this air. While most of the air is cleaned, some dust may get by the air filter. In addition, incomplete combustion adds carbon deposits to the oil. Water can also come in contact with the oil from humidity in the air and gaskets leaking. All of these factors can lead to engine oil failure. Engine oil, processed from crude oil, is the substance that keeps your engine going day after day. It is extremely important to keep the oil clean and at the correct level to prevent engine oil failure.

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Choosing the Right Oil Type

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How Engine Lubrication System Works
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How does car engine oil work?

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Motor Oil Myths & FAQs – Synthetic vs Conventional
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Oil Filters: Filter Out the Facts

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API Motor Oil Ratings Explained
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The Global Importance of ACEA 2021

How to Change Your Oil


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